Friday, May 26, 2017

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 1
6:30 am: I woke up, threw on my shoes and took the dog for a walk. I’m not a morning person but I so badly want to be. Since I’m shaking up my daily routine a bit I decided now was a perfect time to start forming new habits.

After we were back from our walk I decided to brew a big cup of hot water with lemon and tune into some yoga. I turned on one of my favorite YouTube channels to Yoga with Adriene. She’s so cool, calm, and collected and blends the spiritual part of yoga with fitness perfectly.  After that I had my first juice. It was green! I really did feel energized, motivated and like I didn’t need any coffee.. until I got to work and smelled that fresh pot of coffee brewing in the break-room. I do have to say, it actually feels good to say no to something you always say yes to. Take that caffeine addiction! 

11:00 am: The hunger pains are rolling in and so are thoughts of how I haven’t chewed anything. This is weird! Seriously want some coffee. Next up is the orange colored juice. Carrots, turmeric, and who knows what else – not my favorite but I’m hungry so bottoms up.

2:00 pm: Insane headache. I'm thinking this is the caffeine withdrawal since I have at least 1 - 2 caffeinated beverages every single day. Now I’m chugging a red juice. 

8:00 pm: I usually look forward to sitting down and having dinner with my boyfriend but.. I can’t! I feel a little tired so I think I’ll cash in early tonight.

Day 2

9:00 am: Remember how I said I want to be a morning person but I find it difficult? Yeah well today was one of those difficult days. I fell asleep so early and slept a full 8 or 9 hours but still couldn't manage to peel myself out of bed. Keep the juices coming! 

6:00 pm: fast forward to the end of the day and a few juices later. I am so exhausted! I wasn’t as consistent with my juices today and had 2 left over. I know! Shame on me but it’s actually hard to finish them all.

9:00 pm: So. Tired. bed time

10:00 pm: I've been tossing and turning for an hour because of these major hunger pains. 

Day 3

8:00 am: Okay I swear I tried to get up early this morning. I even wrote “yoga – 6:30 am” in my planner but could not find the strength to pull myself out of bed. I'm feeling pretty good. The mornings always start off pretty easy and I seem to have a decent amount of energy after 8 am.

12:00 pm: I can do this. I can do this. Second juice down.

9:00 pm: I can't help but wonder if I rather be hungry or drink another juice. I'll drink another juice... bottoms up then bedtime.


It was pretty easy for me to mentally prepare myself for day 1 and get excited about the whole experience. I was motivated as hell in the beginning but as the hours rolled by I found it more and more difficult to stay excited about what I was doing. It was also quite difficult to consume all the juice and water I was supposed to. My only advice to anyone trying to stick to a cleanse is to focus on the end results and imagine how good you'll feel in a few days. I know it sucks, but your future self is thanking you.

About to get a little detailed here.. Day 1: A normal bowl movement since your body is getting rid of everything you ate the previous day. Day 2: My stomach made the loudest, weirdest sound I've ever heard. I'm pretty sure my coworker thought I was harboring a baby dragon under my desk. Bowel movements were super soft. Awesome! Day 3: No movement. Day 4: aka first day eating (acai bowl + coffee = butt water) Sorry! How else am I supposed to say it? I know it's gross but I feel obligated to warn you. Try and let the last day of your cleanse fall on a day you're NOT at the office or maybe just don't have a coffee.

You hear it all the time but I never fully realized how much energy comes from the food we consume. By the end of day 3 I felt good but I also felt like I hadn’t slept in 48 hours even though I was getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep each night. Since the normal human is consuming meal after meal all day every day it’s harder to realize where your energy is coming from. Sleep, food, coffee, other supplements? Since you're cutting out food and coffee on a juice cleanse it's easier to notice the effects your diet has on your energy source.

I've never felt so in control. It's easy for me to fall into downward spirals of eating and eating. I'm either not eating enough or eating too much and the cravings are like birds pecking at me especially when I'm feeling stressed out. Since it was forbidden to eat, I gained a sort of power over food. I was in control. Not my stomach. I also realized how often I feel "peckish" and go for random snacks in my pantry when I'm not even hungry. There's a huge difference between that bored hungry feeling and truly needing to nourish your body. Just try not eating for 3 days and you'll understand true hunger.

Not really. Mental clarity are the words I would use to describe what I felt. Especially on day 2. I felt light and free. My racing thoughts seemed to slow and I could think a lot clearer.

Is it worth it? Yes, it’s totally worth it. Especially if you're feeling like you're battling with food and you can't seem to curb your cravings or you just want to restart and form new habits.

If you're interested in trying the cleanse I did check out Famous Juice Co ! It was $105 and they offer a discount if you bring in your used glass bottles! 

13469 Wetmore Road
San Antonio, TX. 78247
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm


  1. This literally really works. i tried this challenge/routine and i must say i feel a little better about myself physically and as well as mentally. everyone should try it. you will fell the difference.

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