Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Urban Inspired

When I say Urban Inspired I mean it in two ways. The majority of my outfit is from Urban Outfitters but I also wanted to style a look that was appropriate for a hot summer in the city. A lot of the pieces in my wardrobe have been purchased from UO. Partly because everything in that store is to die for, but mostly because working there for 3 years will do that to a persons wardrobe. 

The sheer material of the shirt paired with the bralette adds a bit of edge but because the shirt is long and oversized it doesn't call for too much attention. This look can comfortably be worn day to night. Perfect for any girl on the go!
Watch the video below for outfit details. 


  1. She is stunning in that Urban themed outfit. I might also get something similar to this to wear in college. That bag is going really well with the overall color scheme.


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