Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY Floral Crown

Who says you need a festival to wear a crown of flowers? The summer heat mixed with thoughts of fall has got me feeling inspired and a little magical. I was on the Urban Outfitters website looking at some of their accessories and saw a flower headband for $20. Tempting.. but why not have some fun making my own crown? 

For this project you will need:
-Fake Flowers of your choice
-Floral Wire
-Glue Gun

1. Measure out some of the floral wire to the circumference of your head. Be sure to leave a little extra.
2. Do that again 3 times. You should have enough wire cut to wrap around your head 3 times. 
3. Twist wire upon it's self. It should look like a braid. This just makes it easier to wedge the ends of the flowers onto your crown.
4. Pull off flowers and leaves and start gluing! This is the creative part. Have fun. x



  1. I made flower crowns a couple of years ago but they didn't quite work so I'll definitely have to try this method out. I also wish I could rock a flower crown as well as you! p.s your glue gun is so pretty

  2. It's really nice! On your youtube video, I thought it was real flowers because they are really similar to the one that are behind you. Or maybe the one behind you are fake as well. Ahah I am lost. But I love it, it's beautiful.

  3. alternating back and forth. Of course, punching them as close together as possible. Then all you need to do is fold all the hearts in half and glue them together! condolences flowers


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