Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Seattle!

Richard and I landed in Seattle, Washington on a Sunday around noon. Even though we were exhausted from all the airport chaos and wanted to snooze in our cozy Home Away apartment, we knew we had to take full advantage of the day. What better way to reenergize than with some coffee? We heard good things about Stumptown Coffee Roasters so we gave it a try and sure enough it was delicious. 

I believe the best way to soak in a new city is to explore by foot. We walked everywhere! Pike Place Market was a bit crowded but the side shops were the cutest. I fell in love with a sweets & treats place called La Panier. Macaroons of all different flavors, and the best éclair I've ever had. The macaroni from Beecher's Handmade Cheese was flavorful to say the least. I would be content eating it for every meal for the rest of my life. 
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Macaroons from La Panier
The legendary Gum Wall 
Joe Bar Cafe 

Eventually night fell and there couldn’t have been a more romantic feel in the air. We rode the Seattle Great Ferris Wheel and it was magical! Even after all the peckish eating Richard and I were starving so after narrowing down our options dinner was served at this super hip, low lit restaurant called List. For fun we made up our own personal rating system for new restaurants we try. There are three categories: Service, Decor, and Food. We rate each category 1-5 and then take the average for the overall score of the restaurant. I believe List scored a 3.5, not bad! 

After lounging around in bed for a good while the next morning was spent having breakfast at Joe Bar Cafe. Can I just say how AMAZING this place was? It had all the right features of a cozy old coffee shop and was truly one of a kind. It was the best breakfast I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot! I had the tomato basil mozzarella crêpe and Rich had the Jamón Serrano and Gruyère crêpe. Beautiful presentation, yummy food and drink, and a charming establishment. 

I love souvenirs but just can’t get behind buying the cliche “I love Seattle” apparel so we made it a point to seek out some cool shops. I found a feather ring with moonstone in the center, a mug for my mug collection and a ceramic puppy figurine from a thrift shop. 

It was Dinner time again! We hit up Mashiko Seattle Sushi Bar and our minds were blown. I highly recommend opting for the "Omakase", or Chef’s choice. The hostess sat us at the bar where we met our Chef Blaine. His creations were not only beautiful but so tasty. Richard being the chatty charismatic guy he is really clicked with him so he threw in a few extra things to try. Before dinner was over it was like we were all friends! By the time we finished growing food babies it was around 8 o’clock in the evening and we had to book it over to the Paramount Theater to see the one, the only, RYAN ADAMS! Of course his show rocked. Sorry to all the people we squeezed in front of to get closer to the stage. First rule of gaps, if there is one, take it! 

Check out my YouTube video for an upclose and personal look at our trip.

Until next time Seattle! 

x Kat



  1. These photos are awesome, and I love how you captured the essence of the city so well. Can't wait for more travel posts!

    1. thank you! traveling more the end of this month :D

  2. such beautiful photos! :) love them xoxo

    1. thank you christin! beautiful blog :)

  3. beautiful photographs! seattle looks like a daydream as do you

  4. when i am in the usa next i am going to Seattle and will be looking back on your recommendations :)


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